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Kerry McCarthy

Kerry McCarthy

Labour MP for Bristol East.


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7 May 2014

Day 2 Bento Box Challenge

So... day 2. Someone on twitter last night said that day 1 was "proof that MPs are bonkers". No, most of them are entirely normal in what they eat. Tonight is "Pie Night" in the Members' Dining Room (where I never dine) and in the more prosaic Terrace cafeteria the options today are chicken korma, roast leg of lamb, vegetarian shepherd's pie and something called a "fishfinger wrapstar". (OK, I concede - that one does sound a bit bonkers.) We have a proud tradition to maintain in east Bristol though. Tony Benn, who represented the area for thirty years was vegetarian and teetotal, as was Stafford Cripps, MP from 1931-1950. Jean Corston, my immediate predecessor, was pescetarian. I have no idea about the Tory who was around from 1983-92, but I suspect he let the side down. I don't know what Sir Stafford would have been eating back in 1931, but I doubt if it would have borne much resemblance to today's bento box. We have roasted tofu with almond and sesame seeds; tomato and avocado with lemon juice; and quinoa with garlic butter beans, kale, and very thinly sliced peppers. I don't actually like quinoa much, but I persevere with it because it's very high in protein. Triple helping of protein today, with the tofu and butter beans too. Not doing so well on the veg front, given the small quantities - maybe adds up to a couple of servings? - but I bought a pound of new season cherries at the market stall on the way into work, so that helps.

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