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8 May 2014

Bento Box challenge - day 3

Well this will actually have to be the final day of the challenge as tomorrow I will be at @Bristol for the CBI South West Annual Lunch and on Saturday and Sunday I will be able to eat at home. Hot food today, with leftovers from earlier in the week, ie quinoa, kale, polony, peppers, tomatoes and some red onion... plus what was left of the avocado.I won't be back in London till late Monday night, so tried not to leave anything behind in the fridge that wouldn't survive till then. No #foodwaste! On a much more interesting note, today I chaired a session of the All-Party Agroecology Group in Parliament on local food policies - ie local food, and what national/ local policies are needed to support it. Joy Carey from the Bristol Food Council did a presentation on what has been happening in our city which was very well received. It's very clear that Bristol is in the vanguard on this - but we will lose all our Brownie points if we allow development on the Blue Finger. Seeing the Mayor tomorrow to discuss!

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