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7 May 2014

Bento Box challenge - slight digression

This isn't quite on-topic - it's not about the contents of my lunch box - but I thought I might as well take the opportunity to flag up a few really interesting meetings I've been having this week, and last week, on food-related policies. I've just met with the Eating Better Alliance - -and Friends of the Earth to talk about policy options for promoting healthy sustainable diets in the UK, which includes a "less and better approach to meat eating. Yesterday I met with Which? to discuss their recently-published research on #foodfraud - you can sign their petition here - It's so important that people know what is in the food they're buying and consuming. Food Connections has been brilliant in terms of leading the debate in Bristol about food sustainability, food journeys, what's in our food and where our food comes from, but the challenge now is how we can take these messages out beyond the 'foodies' and environmentalists and other easy to reach groups. It's all very well saying that people ought to value their food more, and be prepared to pay more for good quality, local sourced, sustainably produced food, but not everyone has the luxury of being able to do that. Last week I met with #foodwaste campaigners and I'm just about to go into a meeting in the House of Lords to discuss the same topic. And tomorrow I will be chairing a meeting of the All-Party Group on Agro-ecology, on "Local Food Policies and Sustainable Food Cities", which will be focusing on Bristol as an example of best practice. One of the issues we will be talking about is how we can protect the Blue Finger in east Bristol and use it for what it should be used for, which is growing food!

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